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Casimira Mostyn

Casimira describes herself  as a quirky, naive artist as she  loves to use bright colours in her artwork. Her paintings are almost always fun and cheerful concentrating on the lighter side of life. She has  been painting professionally for some years and has had much success selling her artwork mainly on the internet but also in Art Cafes, tearooms, Oxford Town hall and in a couple of Art Galleries.  In 2011 and 2012 she held an exhibition in the Oxford Town Hall and had a very positive review in the Oxford Times where her artwork was described as Lowriesque. She also sells quirky greeting cards  mainly of animals and other subject matter in various locations in mainly Oxfordshire. Her  tree of life and quirky hare paintings have been very popular over the years and she has sold to customers around the world. She loves to paint and paints from the heart. I hope you enjoy visiting my gallery and am happy to do commissions so please contact the gallery for details.

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