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Sell Art Online Through Opius Gallery

Opius Gallery provides a great opportunity to sell art online through our website and face to face via our Open Studio Network. We want to promote artists we believe in and can currently offer high visibility to all artists who join, helping you to build a customer base and reputation straight away.

How To Apply

Create a free artist account by clicking on the Artists Apply Here link on the main menu in the top right of any of our web pages and fill in your name, email and a password. We will then get back to you in due course via email with the next step of your application.

The Sales Process

If your application is successful you will be free to log into your artist account through our website and upload art for sale. Opius Gallery will be responsible for all marketing, customer service, taking of orders and payment processing. When orders come through you will be notified via email and you will be responsible for packaging and sending off the artwork to arrive with the customer within 5 working days. Opius Gallery will transfer payment to your bank account within 15 days after confirmation the artwork has been received by the customer. You will also have the option to be included in our Open Studio Network where customers can browse artists / artwork on the website based in their local area and call Opius Gallery to arrange a viewing. This allows you to meet potential customers face to face, cuts out delivery costs, increases enquiries, gives reassurance to customers, helps close sales and increases the general value of sales over pure online selling. You will also have the option to just sell online and be excluded from the Open Studio Network if you wish.

Commission Rate

To cover our admin, customer service, marketing and fixed costs Opius Gallery will deduct 20% commission on each sale. Our commission rate is much lower than most other Online Galleries and also High Street galleries who generally take at least 50%.


We really believe our business can deliver for you and believe in demonstrating this to you first so we are currently offering a free trial period of 3 months before requesting any subscription to our website. You will not be required to give any payment details nor remember to cancel the subscription you will simply be asked after the 3 month period if you would like to sign up for subscription. We believe that 3 months will be more than enough time to demonstrate what we can deliver for you and hope that you will then be more than happy to sign up to our £8 a month subscription fee thereafter. Once subscribed you can cancel your subscription at anytime by giving one months notice.


By creating an artist account with Opius Gallery you are agreeing to our terms and conditions please read through these to make yourself fully aware of all obligations. See link Terms & Conditions

Please don’t be offended if your application is unsuccessful, there are many reasons why your art may not be suitable for Opius Gallery.

If you have any further questions about selling art online through Opius Gallery or our business generally simply send us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)1372 897070 we'll be pleased to hear from you.

To apply to Opius Gallery see link Artists Apply Here